On Being a Liberal Feminist Mormon: A Word of Introduction


Hi! I’m LadyMo!

I am a flamingly liberal feminist and I’m a Mormon and this is my story. Because of the former, I was almost never the latter. I was baptized after a year of fighting with and torturing missionaries, trying so hard to show them how stupid they were. I am quite the class act.

People often ask “what’s your story?” I always respond, “How much time do you have?”

I want to introduce myself and figure out a way to tell my story and I want to start here with a quicky.


As far as I was concerned, to be Mormon and to be feminist was to be two completely different people. If you asked me at the beginning of all of this, I would have told you that to be Christian and feminist would be two different people. It was incomprehensible that the two could even be remotely compatible and I was not about to not be feminist. Feminism is the only identity and world perspective that makes any sense to me. I am who I am because of feminism, feminist ideology, and our early feminist pioneers. In fact, I read the Book of Mormon three times in an effort to prove to just about everyone around me how anti-feminist, anti-humanist, anti-egalitarian it really was. I tried to prove that in this book I would find hate, discrimination, social stratification, justification for violence and intolerance and a whole laundry list of awful things I spewed at my friends (goodness, how are they still my friends after what I put them through?) Yes. I read the Book of Mormon three times, and I assure you, it was with real intent.

But then one night, things changed. I read it for a fourth time with still real, but very different, intent.

While it took a lot of work to get to this understanding, I have come to know that, fundamentally, to be Mormon is to be a feminist. I read the Book of Mormon as a manifesto for human rights and equality (Seriously, 2 Nephi 12:4 – let’s turn our weapons of destruction into gardening tools of cultivation. How supremely hippy dippy pro-peace is that?)

Many of my friends have asked me about “my story,” and some have asked for me to write it down.  For them, and because of them, I’ll get into the nitty gritty details of “becoming Mormon.”

Consider this a blog-length testimony.

With so much love,

The Lady Mo


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