A Prayer to Remember


Do you ever save something in a word document, forget you have it, find it later, and forget when and why you wrote what you wrote?

It happened just right now and it was strange and cool.

I spent the evening talking about really cool things with the J family. We covered everything from religion to feminism to social policy to politics to Congolese women to Monopoly card games. I loved it and I want more of that. I am so lucky to have friends like them and I have been blessed with a ward full of people like them. I get to feel like a whole person when I am challenged to blend religion and feminism in practice and not in just thought (or in words posted here). They teach me how to be better and I love them for that.

Anyway, I just got home and I found a document on my computer named, “Remember.” That’s it. I don’t remember writing it or saving it, but I found it tonight. Here is what I guess past Brittany (whenever and whoever she was) wanted today Brittany to remember:

“I pray that American society would recognize that the very thing that makes us different and makes us unique is the thing that qualifies us to help create a society without exclusivity.”

(I knew for a fact that I didn’t write those words, so a quick search brought me back to a sermon from Plymouth UCC).

Read it, I promise it will make you feel good 🙂

Now it’s your turn, friends. What do you pray that we remember?

Love so much,

The LadyMo

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