Dear Readers: A Testimony of Need; A Plea for Action

Dear Readers: A Testimony of Need; A Plea for Action

Dear Readers:

The other day, I posted an article here about fighting for the rights of our sisters. Winterbuzz, over at FMH, was so gracious to have posted it there, too. Reading the comments on that blog lets me know that while work is being done, there is so much more to do.

I am going to commit a blogarism (made that up) and use the words of a woman, Zaissa, who commented at FMH. She reminds me that I have so much work to do:

I know if I don’t look at the women in Congo, if I close off a little in my heart and consciousness, if I refuse to empathize too deeply with the pain that must be in their hearts, if I just block their hurting out of my heart, then I don’t have to remember that every day I make the choice to stay in my safe, comfortable house, and buy a new pair of jeans when I “need” one instead of sending help to them, and I do this while they have no choice to block out the pain when they want to.

And if they could look me in the eye, they would say, “Would it really be so bad for you to have to wear your clothes with holes wearing in them, and skip a few lunches, so my baby would not be killed, so my daughter would not be abused?” But they can’t look me in the eye. And I can choose to turn mine away.

We Christians have thought of other things to focus on to show we are the better people than non-Christians. You know a Christian because he: maintains sexual purity, keeps everyone else’s sexuality regulated, wears modest clothing, does not cuss, does not have tattoos,sports a good haircuts, shaves often. We pat ourselves on the back for those things, none of which Jesus asked for. When we think too deeply about how severe the suffering of others is, and what we COULD do about it, we realize we are choosing not to fully follow the one commandment Jesus actually gave.

I have done lots of bad things in my life. Lots of them. And I know there are better Christians and better Mormons than I out there who think that when I get to the Pearly Gates I will have to answer for the lies I have told (maybe) for the “indiscretions” I have refused to be the least bit contrite over, but I am not afraid of facing my maker with those. I am afraid he will ask, “Where were you when your this sister was raped? Where were you when this one was beaten? Where were you one this one’s child starved to death?”

I hope, readers, that you might learn about these atrocities for yourself. Please find out what is happening to our sisters everywhere from the other side of the planet to the ones in our own backyard.

A good place to start is to read this book: Half The Sky. 

Often times, I feel helpless, useless, and worthless in the fight against human trafficking, sex slavery, and rape. Most times, actually. But then people like Tatiana (again, over at FMH) remind me that in this work there is the work that fills a life with hope. It is important to consider that even though you and I might not have a direct hand in the rape of a woman, we have the ability to be the direct hand in the saving of her:

It is heartrending, and it does feel like anything we could possibly do can’t be enough. Those are forces that act to paralyze us and keep us inactive.

But it’s also an area filled with life and hope, as every life saved, every small donation or act can make enormous difference in women’s lives. We need to focus on this part, on the good we can do, so that we keep ourselves galvanized. Obviously one or a few of us can’t do it all. But we can do something. We can get started on the problems. It’s not our work, after all. It’s Heavenly Father’s and especially Heavenly Mother’s work. They don’t ask us to do everything all by ourselves. They’ve called others to the work, too. When our hands falter, there will be other hands there, other servants of our Heavenly Parents, who can pick up the slack for us.

But we can’t do nothing. That’s clearly not an option. We must be about the work. We must begin.

Dear readers, there are many organizations and people working hard and they need us to work hard with them. On my side blog, I have posted a few of the many groups that have radically given of their talents, resources, and lives in dedication to these women.

Please, please, please. Please help them.

Please help me try.

So much love,

The LadyMo


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