Overheard at Church: Pants-less Elders


After today’s brief (not intentionally hilarious) conversation with an Elder in the chapel after sacrament meeting, I’ve decided to start a new series called “Overheard at Church.” In this series I will share with you some of the weirder things one might hear in my ward.

A few weeks ago, a good number of you in my ward probably overheard a small child announcing that she could, in fact, see my boobs.

So, my dear readers, I offer you today’s “Overheard at Church.” I could not have seen this coming.

I sat in the middle section of the chapel with the H family and the missionaries were a few rows in front of us. After sacrament meeting, our ward has a tendency to stick around and chat. This detail is only important to emphasize the number of people still in the room when one of the Elders turns around and, with still a good number of families between us, says:

Hey LadyMo, I have my pants for you.

To every other person in the room, this is a weird thing to say to anyone, let alone a young single sister. To this LadyMo, it was perfectly normal. He ripped his pants last night and asked if I could sew them for him. No one else knew that. All they saw was a young missionary pointing to his pants and announcing to about 73% of the ward that:

Hey LadyMo, I have my pants for you.

Yup. I’m in that ward.

So much love, especially for Olathe 3rd,

The LadyMo


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