Tis the Season: A LadyMo Christmas Part 1


Today, I’m going to tell you, dear readers, the story of an amazing Christmas present. But before I do that, I need to back up and tell you the story of a woman the missionaries are teaching. It’s all related, I promise!

A couple months ago, the missionaries asked me to meet a woman and young boy they are teaching. Schedules being what they were, it took a while for us to actually figure out a time that worked for everyone. Finally, a few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to go on a team-up with them.

The woman they are teaching is about my age and is a single mother trying to support her 5 year old son. I don’t know much about her family other than she is going through an ugly divorce from a man who seems to not support her and her son in their religious searching. She has questions and she is interested in her son’s relationship with God, but I get the feeling that between dealing with her health, her finances, and supporting her little family, she has very little time or energy left to dedicate to the time and energy I think it takes to find a faith home.

Maybe it’s just me, but I require(d) a ridiculous amount of time and energy.

Anyway, a few weeks ago, the Elders and I sat with this woman and her son in her living room. We chatted, we played, we gained some insight into her life and the things she’s struggling with right now. Among the many things she’s dealing with, I also realized how lonely she was. From her story, I gathered that it was pretty much just mom and son working to make it work.

That night, our ward was hosting an inter-denominational Creche exhibit and the Elders invited her to go. She seemed to be open to the idea, and even though I couldn’t go (I had to work), I really hoped she’d be able to meet people and make friends. I hoped that she’d be able to have just one peaceful night to enjoy being with her son and around other people and not have to worry about … anything.

The Elders and I stayed for about 2 hours, and as we left, they said they’d see her in a few hours at the church. I didn’t know if she’d actually go, but I really hoped she would. Outside, the Elders asked what I thought about our time spent with her. I told them that she needed so much help. She needed friends. She needed support. She needed a reason to believe that someone or Someone was on her side. She needed a freaking break. And I told them I felt defeated because I didn’t know where to start or how to help.

LadyMo was presented with an opportunity to serve, and she didn’t have an answer.

So the Elders and I parted ways, and I sat in my car and prayed. “Heavenly Father, puh-lease bless this woman’s life. Please help her anyway You can. Please show me how to reach out to her. Tell me what I need to do to serve this woman. Seriously, I don’t know what to do.”

I put my car in reverse, backed out of her driveway, and went to work.

Up until about 5 hours ago, that was the last time I heard about or from this woman and her son.

For more of the story, read part 2 🙂

With so much love,

The LadyMo


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