Tis the Season: A LadyMo Christmas Part 3


Dear readers, you must be wondering why I’m breaking this story up into a billion little pieces. I’ll tell you why: it’s just how I think. I like to break things down so that I can arrange them, move them around, rearrange them, make different pictures. Besides, wordpress just gave me a high five for reaching my 70th post! Hooray! 

So, I plucked the white envelope off the tree and sat down with the Horspools to read what was inside.


When I thought about your present, I know that you wouldn’t be happy with something like a new dress or a new sweater. When I asked you what you wanted or needed, it didn’t surprise me that you wanted nothing and didn’t need anything. So…. I tried to think about what makes you happy and brings you joy.

I came up with an idea and asked the family if they were expecting to give you a gift. They all wanted to contribute and give you something for Christmas. With that said, here is your present.

Our family decided to give a dinner to someone in need in your honor. We had no idea who to choose and what to do. So I just waited and thought and wondered how this would come about. We wanted to help someone you knew personally or had met you but we didn’t know how to figure that out. So, when I was at the Creche exhibit, I started talking to a girl who the missionaries were talking to. She told me about her life and her son and some of her struggles. I asked her if she had anywhere to go for Christmas and she said she didn’t have anywhere to go with her son for dinner because she didn’t get along with her family. She may be able to go to her aunt’s house, but she would probably be home. I asked her if she likes to cook and she got very excited. This is a young girl. She said she just got a new oven in her apartment and was exited to use it except she is on welfare and didn’t make enough money to cook much. She was very happy and upbeat and that impressed me. I asked her what she did for Thanksgiving and she told me she wanted to cook a turkey really bad except that she didn’t have the money so she just ate a turkey TV dinner with her son.

I pulled the missionaries aside and asked if they would deliver a turkey dinner to this girl for our family in your honor. It was then that they told me you know her and went on a discussion with them to her house. I was glad you had met her.

Emilee and Alix chipped in with some money for a side dish. Paul and I did the turkey.. I bought a turkey she could cook for her and her son with a turkey bag to bake it in. Alix contributed fresh potatoes and corn. Emilee contributed a box of stuffing and rolls. When I was putting the box together, I realized I had not thought of a dessert. It was then that y eyes went to a pretty jar Riley had brought home from Girl Scouts for our family. It already had all ingredients in it and directions to make brownies and it looked so pretty and yummy. Riley had ben asking all week if we could make it. I asked her if she would be willing to contribute her brownies and she willingly contributed gave it up and more. She took some candy she had gotten and put it in there and wanted to give more until I said no more was needed. Maddie put two candy canes that she loves into the box for the little boy.

We wrote a small note that wished her a Merry Christmas and testified of Christ. We did not tell who it was from and left it anonymous.

The missionaries brought it to her yesterday and I have yet to hear how it went. You may want to ask them. The whole time we were hoping you would love the present we got this year for you. Sharing and loving and giving is so much a part of you that we hope you love what the money we would have spent on you… did for someone else. Have yourself a merry little Christmas. We love you so much!

The Horspools

After I finished reading, Natalie told me I reminded her of Mike. We giggled a lot 🙂 This family, this ward, this church… my life has been blessed in ways I can’t ever repay. Through them, I know that Heavenly Father has answered my prayers time and time and time and time and time again.

Horspools, thank you for blessing my life. Thank you for answering my prayers every day from the beginning. Thank you for humbling me to recognize the ways I can reach out and bless other lives. Thank you for humbling me to recognize that sometimes God will answer our prayers through other people. Thank you for loving this woman and blessing her life and for being the undeniably awesome family you are. I love you so so so so so much.

So much love,

The LadyMo


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  1. I thought the story stopped there but it didn’t….hehehe. You’ve brought so much fun and joy and misery into our lives all at the same time. We wouldn’t have it any other way. LOVE YOU

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