Tis the Season: A LadyMo Christmas Part 4


Guest post: Natalie Horspool

Interestingly, you would think that the story stopped there. LadyMo came over and I was excited to give her the gift.  We all gathered as she read her letter and waited for her reaction. We all hoped she would love our present as much as we loved doing it for her.  When she got to the middle she told me:

“I know who this girl is”

“No, you’re thinking of someone else”

“I know who this is, it’s ________”

“How did you know??”

We never told her who we gave them to.  I figured it didn’t matter, but she knew who it was.  I was floored.  So LadyMo wants me to tell my side of this special story.  You’ve already heard the letter, so I will start with our feelings toward this dinner present.

I didn’t know why I chose a dinner as a present.  I suppose I could have chosen clothes, toys, services, gift card…..but dinner came to my mind.  So I decided I could go to the bishop or the Relief Society president and ask for a family who would need and appreciate a dinner to make on Christmas.  That didn’t sit well with me either……as I thought for a few days, I then decided that I would wait for something to come to me first and then my last effort would be to go to the church leaders.  So I just went about my life and waited for something that sounded right.

Our stake has a crèche exhibit every year to show the community that we believe and worship Jesus Christ and that we believe he is the Savior of the world.  My family gets busy during this time because we have concerts for the crèche exhibit and this year I sang in the choir, my older girls sang in the youth choir and played in the orchestra, and my little girls sang in the children’s choir.  This is a wonderful time for our stake as we also have a live nativity that is beautiful and draws many into the church and cars slow to see the sweet family of Jesus portrayed with live animals and people and such…..moving on….

After a wonderful concert I stepped into the beautifully decorated room with all the crèches and was drawn to the missionaries and their silliness.  There was a young girl with them and I felt like I needed to introduce myself.  We had a long talk about many things and as the letter described, she told me a bit of her life.  I had inkling that this is the opportunity so I probed more….asked her about dinner……asked her if she likes to cook…….I Knew this was the family.  We concluded our discussions and I asked the Elders if I could speak to them.  I told them my idea of the present for ladymo and asked if they would deliver it.  I told them that I wished ladymo knew her so it would be more meaningful to her, but this is the family I was lead to, so it will have to do.  It was then that they told me “She knows her; she has been on discussions with her”.  I was so happy that everything I wanted and desired had happened and I just couldn’t believe how easy it all fell into place.  So as the letter goes, we made everything happen and sent out the dinner and made the envelope yadda yadda……

Jumping back to LadyMo reading the letter…….She knew who this girl was.  She guessed it.  But what she said next shocked me, humbled me, and gave me so much joy.  LadyMo said with amazement and a beautiful smile “This is an answer to my prayers”.  I had no idea what in the world she meant by that.  I will let her explain and tell you readers her thoughts and conclude this fun wonderful Christmas story that I feel so blessed to be a part of.  Needless to say, I learned more than I thought I would with this simple idea and all our lives have been extremely blessed and touched this Christmas season.  Never take any idea for granted, I almost scrapped this idea and person a few times, but a voice kept telling me I was on the right track and to keep going.  I’m glad for this time in my life when I actually listened and obeyed.


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