Guest Post: Hayterade Musings


Hayterade is, without question, one of my dearest friends. While I can say with firm conviction that I trust him with my life, I know that he can’t say the same about me having once (twice, three times) nearly died as a passenger in my car. I know he still loves me.

That being said, I love this kid enormously and you should go check out his musings over at his blog

He asked me what he should write about for his first few posts. He had questions about how to tell a story. He’s an incredible writer and has amazing stories to tell, so I really hope that he goes ahead and just shares all of them. I asked him to write about his mission and time in Olathe, because he was one of my favorite missionaries, and I wanted to hear more about the last two years of his life. He was, and remains, an amazing teacher and an unbelievable friend. I’m grateful for him 🙂

So, for some Hayterade:

My dear friend, the LadyMo, invited me to offer up some words of wisdom. Unfortunately she asked the village idiot… but because I love her I will do my best to put some coherent sentences together.

I am very fond of the little hamlet of Olathe. Some of the memories I made while there have even made it into the jewelry box in my mind. (They sit next to the cushion that Disneyland memories rest on.) My memories of Olathe are like saphires and emeralds. They glint with the cheerful greens of the trees and fields and the brilliant blue of the cloudless sky. 

However, I remember one day that didn’t sport a brilliant blue or dazzling green. It was in fact white; like a pearl. It was the day that the LadyMo was baptized. I hadn’t seen the dear girl in months and practically jumped out of my heinous black tracting shoes when I got the e-mail announcing her baptism. Needless to say, I was jazzed about the upcoming day to which she had so graciously asked me to be a part. I commandeered a local youth with a car and made the journey from Blue Springs, MO, to Lawrence, KS. I stepped into a room full of shiny people. Some were black like onyx, others were red like rubies. I think I spotted a turquoise that shouted at my eyes the same thought that was going through my mind, ‘The LadyMo is so pearly white! Oh, happy day!’ 

I sat in the back and allowed my thoughts (and maybe a tear or two) to run freely. ‘The Lord is so kind.’ ‘She is radiant.’ ‘I am so proud.’ ‘How did this happen? It is surely a miracle.’ 

The LadyMo always had a great spirit, but now I can see that she is discovering that it’s woven with gold and studded with pearls. And the great news is that it isn’t just her soul that has that. The Lord made sure of that when He created us. He just expects us to uncover those shining qualities ourselves. 




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