Weekend in Utah


It has been a LONG time, dear readers, and my brain is spinning with new things to get down on paper.. or blog. I am itching to communicate, if only to get thoughts and ideas out of my head and in a place where I can arrange and rearrange the words to capture how I’m feeling as best as I can. I have a lot to catch us up on, for sure, but first, I just want to write a silly little story about how much fun I had this weekend.

I had the blessed opportunity to escape the boundaries of Olathe for the weekend and spent time with friends in Utah. My friend was recently married and had her reception this weekend. It was so beautiful.

Friday, I flew into Salt Lake City and shared a shuttle to the Red Lion with a delightful old man who does something technical with Frontier Airlines, the very one that had just served me delicious chocolate chip cookies. Yum.  At the hotel, I had enough time to squeeze in a nap and shake off some of the post-landing-in-SLC nausea that accompanied the landing. My friend, Patterson, came to pick me up and we met Katie Robinson (remember Sister R?) and her husband, Blake Jensen for dinner. Lots of giggles, lots of laughs, lots of awesome memories made. Blake and Katie needed something of the coaxil nature from Wal-Mart, and Patterson, being technologically minded, helped them. I was just the comic relief tag along that can’t properly identify a modem.

Back at the hotel, Patterson and I considered renting a movie, but acknowledged the fact that neither of us would be capable of actually paying attention. Instead, we had “girl talk” until about 5:00 a.m.

Saturday, I slept in. Late. Very late. And it was wonderful. I met up for lunch with Elder Robinson’s mom, Momma Ro (not related to Sister Robinson). We ate pizza at this cute little restaurant, Settebello. I met her last year on my first trip to Utah so I could drop off a few of Elder Robinson’s things. She has never been anything but extraordinarily kind and welcoming. She let me stay with her for almost a week in January, and always meets up with me when I visit Utah. She is amazing. Absolutely amazing.

I’m leaving Kansas in six weeks to start a new chapter in Utah. When I think about the families and friends I’m leaving, that sadness and fear is comforted knowing the friends and families who are waiting for me. Momma Ro, especially, let’s me know that I couldn’t ever feel alone or without family when I move. For that, I’m so grateful. I will miss the families I’m leaving here, more than I could properly express in words or deed; I’m grateful for the families and friends with whom I will be able to build stronger relationships when I move. It’s bittersweet, but I’m really looking forward to this.

After lunch, Momma Ro brought me to my hair appointment where I spent 2 hours getting the works of beauty. Kennedy Fitzgerald, the stylist at Salon O, was so nice. We connected immediately and just talked and talked and talked like old friends. When I told her I was moving to SLC in June, she didn’t hesitate to offer a hand of friendship for when I get there. Friends, score.

Hayter met up with me at the hotel and after hugging and more hugging, I got a 2 syllable daaaaaannnngg girl for my hair and make up. He’s too good to me. We chatted, caught up each other’s lives, and indulged in some sushi at the Gateway. Duh-lish.

Patty met up with us back at the hotel. He got ready, the boys had catch up boy time, and I slipped on one sassy blue number. Patterson and I actually looked classy, even if we are incapable of acting accordinly. I’ll post the picture eventually.

In the elevator at the hotel, we were with a cute little family speaking a familiar language to my ears. FRENCH! They were speaking French! So I used the opportunity a parler en francais. After this cutsie little exchange of French words, Patterson contributed his obligatory “heugghh heuurrghh hurrrghhh.”

The reception was held at the state capitol rotunda. It was b-e-a-u-tiful. Patterson spotted Katy (Sister Lund of Paris) and her husband, Clint.  We took that as an opportunity to budge in on a long receiving line in order to squeeze Elizabeth and Matthew. I met Matthew last January for Katy’s wedding, and I loved him immediately. True story: Elizabeth picked me up for Katy’s wedding, and on the way, Matthew asked what kind of music I listened to. With no shame, I told him I pretty much listen to Hanson and my taste in music should not be considered for the drive to the reception. What did he do? He turned off the radio and sang MMMBop the rest of the way. I tell ya, the song is even better with a Scottish accent. For Katy’s wedding, Elizabeth and bridesmaidal duties to attend to, so he stuck around with me so I’d have a friend in a sea of unfamiliar faces. He’s such a good man and so obviously in love with his wife. At her reception, Elizabeth had the smile and eyes of a woman standing next to her best friend. It was so wonderful.

Patterson, Clint, Katy and I spent most of the evening standing around, talking, and drinking raspberry filled flutes of apple juice and sprite. Let me tell you, addictive. When it looked as if Clint and Patterson could hold their own, Katy and I stole away for a quick girl-talk catch up on things that can only be discussed between LadyMos.

Elizabeth and Matthew had their first dance. It was beautiful. Matthew’s mom sang and played the piano and wow… she is incredibly talented. You could just feel how much love there was in that room.

The mood changed a bit to a more playful tone, and Sister Gilmour taught the crowd a traditional Scottish dance. In theory, it was pretty easy. In practice, Patterson and I have the social graces of water buffalo. Give me ballet or lyrical and I’m on board. I can feign elegance. For this, we tripped over, stumbled into, and bumped each other in what can only be described as a disasterous. We laughed and escorted ourselves off to the side to do what we could do with far more class: watch. It was a lot of fun.

Pictures were taken, hugs were exchanged, and see you soons announced. Patterson and I scooted our way out of the capitol building, changed up into more casual getup, and met up with Angela (Sister Glade) in Murray. By this time, we were all tired, so we putzed and giggled through conversation, and hit the road.

Back at the hotel, Patterson and I attempted round two of girl talk, but I kept falling asleep. He watched a few episodes of Friends, set alarms on my phone to go off every hour for the next 12 hours, and skeedattled. I think when we were saying our goodbyes, I told him I had a 4 hour “layaway” in Denver. I’m glad he knows well enough when I’m talking in my sleep and can interpret what I’m actually trying to say. Good friend, he is.

Sunday, I voyaged back to Kansas and spent a lot of time in the memories I had made over the last two days. When I got home, Harry Potter 1-7 awaited my arrival on my doorstep. And let me tell you, these are not just any Harry Potter 1-7. They’re all in French.

Friends, I had an incredible weekend. I couldn’t see everyone I wanted, but we will have all the time in the world in June. Trust me, I’ll come find you 🙂

I hope you all had a fantastic Easter weekend. I haven’t been home for Easter in almost 9 years… and I tell ya, I’m feeling it.

Until next time, and a lot sooner than the rate at which I have been posting lately, so much love,

The LadyMo


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  1. I can’t believe you are moving so soon! I am excited for you but sad you won’t be close by anymore.

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