So.. this one time in Massachusetts.


Dear Readers, holy smokes.

So, I moved back to Massachusetts and more has happened in the last week than I have room or words to write. I’ll do my best.

Curious minds want to know if I survived surgery. I did! And I feel a billion times better! Waiting until the end of August would have been a hellish nightmare I could not inflict on anyone, so I’m glad my family made the decision to get me home earlier. Franklin is no longer, and I’m doing everything in my power to make sure none of his minions make a return appearance. Hear that Franklin? Ya done.

Sunday, I met my new new ward. I’ve now had two new wards in 3 months, and I’m looking forward to some continuity. And some stickin’ around. The singles’ ward in my town is AMAZING. AH-MAY-ZING. The Sunday School lesson was relevant and applicable and did not have one ounce of “Mormon good, everyone else bad, must save all the souls.”  The Relief Society lesson was even better. I am known for being a smidge lazy in my RS attendance and was kept in my seat in Olathe because of interpreting responsibilities. I may or may not have skipped a few times. In Utah, I think I went once. Lazy Mormon? Perhaps. And that definitely needs to change. But, in Utah, it was the better alternative to sitting there being judgmental and mean spirited. In the Franklin ward, the sister giving the lesson was incredibly engaging, brought the scriptures to life, and we discussed. WE DISCUSSED THE LESSON. Sisters talked to each other and engaged in dialogue about the topic (faith) to learn more and deeper.

In the words of my dear friend Amy, “What the dirty.”

I felt so much love and so so happy. I was nervous about relocating and going to a new ward again, (Olathe 3rd, you still have my heart) but all fears were washed away quickly. So happy. Smiles and sunshine.

Tuesday was my birthday. Mom made plans to make something eggplanty and delicious followed by traditional carrot cake birthday cake. YUM! About 20 minutes before Mom came home, I decided I really wanted to go to Fire and Ice instead. I only go on my birthday and I hadn’t been in about 6 years. Mom happily obliged, we called Kim and hit the road to Providence.

In my experience, Fire and Ice is known for hiring incredibly good looking employees. This fact may or may not play into my decision to eat there every August 14. This August 14 was no different. I brought my food to the middle grill thing, and there was Handsome Chef Guy.* names changed to protect the innocent.

**Quick detour. I knew when I moved back to Massachusetts that finding Mormon guys in the area wouldn’t be as easy as swimming in them in Utah, and for the purposes of dating and meeting people, I’m totally okay with dating non-members until I get my feet wet ’round these here parts. This is important information. Okay? We’ll come back to this.**

Mom, Kim, and I got our food, sat down and talked about how good-looking Handsome Chef Guy is. Kim dared me to give him my number. I figured it was my birthday, I’m new to the state, and never have to see him again if it’s a big fail. I double checked with the waitress to make sure he was single and she raved him up and down about being the sweetest and kindest and shyest guy. And single. Definitely single. So I went for it. I ripped up a slip of paper, wrote a silly little note with my name and number, and slipped it to him. Smiles, and probably a little bit of shock on both ends were exchanged.

I also had a feminist identity crisis with Nat Kelly sitting on my shoulder reminding me that the man did not come to work to be hit on by random ladypeople and to just let him do his job without feeling like he’s the restaurant’s Eye Candy, at our service. Nat, I need you to validate me.

Anyway, as we were leaving, he wished us a good evening. Happy Birthday to me!

Two hours later…

“Hi LadyMo, it’s Handsome Chef Guy from Fire and Ice.”

I’m going to fast-forward a bit to last night. I was talking to TJ about how crazy Massachusetts has been generally and about boystuff specifically. Sometimes, I’ll acknowledge that he’s actually a guy. I asked him about when I should tell Handsome Chef Guy about the whole Mo’ thing. East coast is a different playing field and has different rules than Utah (and thank heavens for THAT). TJ said I should probably tell any guys I meet early on so it doesn’t become a weird issue later on, if things become a “later on.”

So, I decided to break the news to HCG that I’m a weirdo Mormon (the weirdo doesn’t have much to do with the Mormon, but I’m sure he’ll figure that one out on his own).

LadyMo: Hey, so I just wanted to let you know that I’m Mormon. I hope that’s not too crazy.

HCG: It’s only crazy because I am too.


So, that… happened.

Here’s the skinny. I’m hard-pressed to assign any “fate” qualities to this chance meeting. We’ve only met once, talked twice. As far as my dating life is concerned, I like things to move g l a c i a l l y slow. And I want to date around. Natalie told me to date everyone and anyone. Date all the boys! But I’m very, and strongly, willing to acknowledge God’s hand in my life and recognize that He has an incredible plan for me. If nothing else, and even at its least it’s still incredible, I know He is giving me a friend around here who “gets it.” Does that make sense?  I waltz back into Massachusetts like I own the place and find the single Mormon guy in the state.

I see him on Monday. I’ll keep you posted 🙂

OH, and in other news. EMPLOYED. BAM. Details on that later.

With so much love,

The LadyMo

ps – TJ just started a blog you should frequent. Also, you should remind him that every blogging joke he’s ever made to me now makes him a giant hypocrite. LOVE YOU!

Beware of the Gap 


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  1. Wow, LadyMo! Massachusetts is so lucky to have you back! There is NO missing God’s hand in this! I believe that God does his work through people, and I also think you have one of His hardest workers at work right now in your life. Thanks be!

    Isn’t it weird how when God needs to get our attention He so often grabs us physically, where it hurts, gently pushes us up against a wall of pain, just enough pain, and says, “Listen to Me!!” We can be so resistant to what’s wise until He reaches down into our bodies. It has happened to me a lot . . . . I guess because I’ve been around for so long.

  2. Normally I’d have to shame you horribly, but since GOD made you do it (crazy coincidence!) I will give a get out of horrible-shaming-guilt free card.


    In reality, this situation is different than the ones I gripe about in the aforelinked post because of the following reasons:
    A) Different power dynamic in woman-hitting-on-man situations,
    B) Your pick up was non-invasive and allowed him the freedom to continue doing his actual job well (ie: providing friendly service) with a way for him to signal interest on his own terms later (via text.)
    C) I’d wager you didn’t say anything creepy or objectifying in your little love note,
    D) You didn’t behave as if responding positively to you in a sexual way was part of his job duty as an employee at that site.
    E) We can’t take ourselves too seriously and sometimes flirting is just fun and we’ll smash our own brains out if we insist on contorting and smashing every scenario into a feminist-approves, watertight box.

    So there you go. E reasons from nat kelly about how you’re still not a terrible person.

    Typed with great difficulty from a magical phone machine.

  3. amazing! Whatever happens with this guy, God is providing you with a Mormon friend in a time of many transitions. And that is a good thing.

  4. Wow. Wishing you all the best. I know God works in strange and funny ways. Glad that you’ve found some wards that have a good discussion/gospel mix. And I’m all in favor of cute Mormon guys. I married a great one 21 years ago.

  5. I would have imagined that Massachusetts would have a pretty awesome ward and I am glad to hear that confirmed. So happy to hear you have taken care of Franklin, you are employed, and you met an awesome guy. How cool is that! It is hilarious that you password protected the date post! I didn’t even know you could do that. It is kind of weird to think that someone could find your blog and read up on your whole life story!

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